The haunting beauty of Xia Da’s “Fairytale of Winter” (Jolly Jinglings Special)

Fairy Tale Of Winter by Chinese artist Xia Da is about a snow princess that is brought to life by the power of magical fairies and can only stay alive with the love of a human.

But, will something stand in the way of her accomplishing that goal?


A young boy plays in the first snowfall with his animal friends, the rabbit, and the bear.

They created a snow princess instead of a traditional snowman.

Night descends, the fairies appear in the moonlight, struck with awe, they whispered a plan in each other’s ear, as they let out an impish giggle.


The fairies happily agree that the sweet snow princess needed to be awakened, so the fairies’ harps echoed in the forest air as the snow princess opened her eyes.

The fairies let her know that life will be granted to her only if she finds human love.

The snow princess searches the woods for a human that she could persuade to love her.

She finds a prince’s house and dares to knock on the door.

The prince opened the door, “Would you like to become my prince?”

fairytalelove granted

Oh, how the princess loved all the seasons.

But, as the seasons changed, winter comes and goes, the snow princess worried that she would be forgotten.


I will not spoil the end of this creative one-shot book, but it will leave a message for all of us humans to remember.

So, go read it!

I hope that everyone remembers all of humankind in these cold winter months.

Remember to reach out with kindness to those that are less blessed.

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  • Thank you for this, Barbara! You and all of The Splinyering staff are loved and appreciated! Thank you for making this one of the best places on the Internet! I wish you and all your families a very happy holiday season… or rather, I wish you some jolly jinglings! 😉


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