Adult Dungeon Crawler RPG “Kingdom of Subversion” Now in Early Access on

NergalGameDev has released the ver. 0.2 build of Kingdom of Subversion, a risqué dungeon crawling RPG set in a fantasy setting.

Did I say risqué? Because I meant pornographic. Kingdom of Subversion is absolutely an “adults-only” experience, and it looks like it features all manner of debauchery.

Having said that, I’m sure you want to know more. Here’s the official breakdown of the game from the Kingdom of Subversion page:

Kingdom of Subversion is an adult fantasy rpg, where you take control of a half goblin outcast. Forced into exile from the Kingdom of Lumis, you join forces with the Queen of the rivaling kingdom, Queen Selvana of Umbrus. She grants you new power, that will allow you to subtly infiltrate Lumis and begin to plot its demise.

With these new powers and your body transformed into a human, your mission is simple, but will require great skill. Become a well known name in the land, become a hero. Use your influence to infiltrate Lumis’ royal court. Subvert them to your will and with that, gain access to Queen Roserra, ruler of Lumis. Then the final stroke can be delivered and Lumis is ripe for the taking.

What is Kingdom of Subversion?

Well if the introduction above wasn’t enough to whet your whistle, let me help fill in the gaps!

Kingdom of Subversion is a fantasy adult rpg developed in Unity, by the team of Nergal and Aimless. Focused around the corruption of powerful individuals that make up the Kingdom of Lumis. There will be many choices, including your preferred method of corruption, with three being available from the start.

That said, we also want to provide a game to support all the juicy content! Expect a fun, interactive rpg experience. Where the idea of grinding isn’t the crux of design, but creating, fun, engaging, short battles as is key. Your character will be customisable as you choose to focus on ranged, melee or magic (or a combination of any), and as you become more powerful, you learn new abilities that you can select.

Expect to see a lot of variety of NPCs of all different races, heights and personalities! Each with their own interesting history, and of course way of corrupting them!

You can “name your own price” to get early access to Kingdom of Subversion here. As we mentioned above, this is a very adult game with pornographic content, so if you’re under 18, be sure to get your so-called “parents permission” before using their credit card.

That’s called a disclaimer, bitches.

Source: Lewd Gamer

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