Marvel Comics to Remove Guns from the Punisher, Other Superheroes

Marvel Comics has announced that as of this summer, their heroes will no longer be using guns or firearms. Of course, this will affect characters like the Punisher the most, but other Marvel characters such as Deadpool, Cable and Black Widow will also be losing their guns moving forward, in favor of either bladed weapons or hand-to-hand combat.

Not only will this affect current books, but Marvel intends to make changes to their reprints and digital releases, as well. Here’s the official statement from Jonathan Richards, the head of Marvel’s Social and Human Impact Team:

Just like we have with tobacco products, we at Marvel Comics are going to be digitally minimizing guns in reprints and digital releases. That means removing them when possible, or altering them to look less realistic. It won’t be a complete removal, but we have to do our part to be a socially responsible company.

So are guns never to be seen again in the pages of Marvel comics? Not exactly. It looks like the villains of the Marvel universe will still be packing heat. Richards again:

While our heroes will now be acting in truly heroic ways, we are actually going to have our villains use guns more often. We at Marvel see it as our responsibility to portray those who own or use guns to be as cowardly and villainous as possible, like cops, soldiers, and hicks from the sticks, you know?

We reached out to Marvel Comics for additional comment. At the time of this writing, we’ve only received a response from Terayza McCaulay-Rodriguez, Marvel’s vice assistant editor of social content and trust. According to McCaulay-Rodriguez:

Guns are really racist if you think about it. I mean, literally, you know? Guns are literally racist toys for overgrown man-babies. Boys are stupid! Throw rocks at them! End hate now!

Marvel Comics’ Terayza McCaulay-Rodriguez

You can check out Marvel Comics’ full press release here. Stay tuned to The Splintering as we keep you updated while this story develops.

What do you think about Marvel Comics’ decision to remove guns and firearms from the hands of its heroes? Do you think your Punisher books just went up in value? Let us know in the comments!

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