“Castlevania: Resurrection” Prototype for SEGA Dreamcast Discovered

A prototype of the cancelled SEGA Dreamcast Castlevania game has been discovered by Sega Dreamcast Info Preservation Games, a French Dreamcast preservation website.

Titled Castlevania: Resurrection, the 3D action adventure game was intended as a soft reboot of the Castlevania series. The prototype itself is a pre-E3 demo from 1999, and features five playable environments and a boss fight.

While not connected with each other, each area is accessible from a start menu. Unfortunately, one of the areas in the version unearthed by Sega Dreamcast Info Preservation Games does not load properly.

This is a significant find, as there isn’t much visual evidence of Resurrection out there, and the last time Konami showed the game to the public was E3 1999.

You can check out the footage released by Sega Dreamcast Info Preservation Games (Y’all need a shorter name, guys) below:

Developed in-house by Konami, Resurrection was reportedly cancelled due to disagreements between the Japanese and American development teams, and the Dreamcast’s tragically short lifespan.

Set in 1666, Castlevania: Resurrection featured two playable heroes from the house of Belmont: Sonia Belmont (who appeared as the protagonist in Castlevania Legends for the Nintendo Game Boy and is the mother of Castlevania III’s Trevor Belmont) and newcomer Victor Belmont (who later appeared as a descendant of Gabriel Belmont in Castlevania: Lords of Shadow 2 – editorial note: “Blech!”).

In Resurrection, Victor was intended to be a vampire hunter in the 1800s who abandoned the Belmont legacy, instead choosing to flee his responsibilities as a vampire hunter (Story credit to Zach Snyder?). As for Sonia Belmont, Konami has removed all of her games from the official Castlevania canon, as her adventures conflicted with the timeline presented in the main games. It’s hard to decide which character ultimately received the worse fate: erased from existence or condemned to appear in Lords of Shadow 2….?

It is also worth noting that Dracula would not have been the main antagonist in Resurrection, and instead the heroes would be battling a female vampire of some kind. Ready your wooden stakes, gentlemen!

Do you remember being hyped for Castlevania: Resurrection before Konami pulled the plug? What other ill-fated Dreamcast non-releases do you hope to be discovered in the future? (Other than Chakan, of course! Everyone says Chakan) Let us know in the comments!

Source: Niche Gamer

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