Color be Damned! The Splintering’s “Monochrome May” Returns!

Holiday themed events are a dime a dozen (Like The Splintering’s Festival of Dread & Jolly Jinglings, perhaps?). But why wait for another major holiday to have a special themed event?

We couldn’t come up with a good reason, either. That’s why 2020 marked the inaugural Monochrome May, a celebration of black and white games, comics, movies, and all things chiaroscuro. Just like last year, we will do our best to deliver as much monochrome material as we can!

To mark the glorious return of Monochrome May, we’ve decided to give away four free sketch cards to our dedicated Splintering readers. In each full week of May, we will post a contest entry on our Twitter, Parler, and Minds social media pages. Just make sure you follow us and repost/retweet the contest entry, and you’re in!* Follow and repost on each account? Yes – that’s three separate entries across all of our accounts!

The cards themselves, which you can check out below, feature Batman and Two-Face, Cyberfrog, the Legendary Log, and a mystery card that we are keeping secret for now.

The contest entries will be posted on social media each Monday, and winners will be selected each Friday (on 7, 14, 21 and 28 May, for the record). We’ll be kicking off the freebies with the Batman and Two-Face card in the first week, so be sure to jump in ASAP!

So help us promote Monochrome May and you might walk away with a free, one-of-a-kind sketch card featuring artwork by The Splintering founder, Blake Worrell. And if all goes well, who knows? We just might do more sketch card giveaways in the future.

Of course, our special Monochrome May items are still available at our Teespring store, too! We don’t run any paid advertisements on The Splintering, so if you enjoy the work that we do and would like to support the site, then check out all of the designs that we have in our TeeSpring store here.

Thanks for reading!

Please consider following The Splintering on social media or bookmarking the site for more independent entertainment news, views, and commentary!

*US entrants only. The Splintering staff and contributors are not eligible.

The Splintering’s Teespring store has items for all budgets, great and small! If you like what we do & want to help keep our site 100% free of paid ads, go here!

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