Dark Fantasy “ENDER LILIES: Quietus of the Knights” Coming to PlayStation on 20 July

Publisher Binary Haze Interactive has announced that ENDER LILIES: Quietus of the Knights is coming to both PS4 and PS5 (via backwards compatibility).

Already available for Steam PC, Nintendo Switch, Xbox One and SeXbox, ENDER LILIES is described as a “metroidvania” (or a nonlinear 2D action adventure game) set in a dark fairy tale world.

Here’s the breakdown of ENDER LILIES from Binary Haze, followed by the game’s latest official trailer:

A cursed rain scourges the once-hallowed kingdom of Land’s End. As the perpetual downpour plagues the population, turning the peaceful people into twisted undead creatures, the priestess Lily awakens from her slumber in Land’s End’s great Cathedral. Steeled by the tragedy befalling her hometown, Lily begins a dangerous journey to seek out and stop the source of the mysterious rain.

Guide Lily on a quest as she fights those she once held dear, as former friends stalk Land’s End as wicked shells of themselves. But no soul is too far gone for saving. Face Lily’s reincarnated friends, defeat them in combat, and perform an exorcism to reawaken their souls and bring them into the fold as equippable companion spirits to aid in future trials.

Experiment with different souls to create a variety of reliable allies and valuable abilities. Call upon a stalwart bodyguard to tank hits and keep the priestess safe, summon ethereal volleys of damaging attacks, or create myriad skills that make traversing Land’s End more manageable.

Advance through the dark kingdom, traversing mysterious ruins housing forgotten relics, weaving through oppressive forests holding untold secrets, ascending the kingdom’s grand castle on a search for the source of the endless rain. ENDER LILIES’ haunting world comes to life through breathtaking hand-drawn 2D art evoking a Japanese dark-fantasy aesthetic.

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