Tarantino-Inspired Game “Kamikaze Veggies” Enters Steam Early Access

You saw the title in the headline, and I know what you’re thinking. “A game where vegans strap on a suicide vest and go skydiving, where players get to control when their S-vest detonates? That sounds pretty fun!”

While you’re not necessarily wrong, that’s not exactly the game that Red Limb Studio has made. Fortunately, Kamikaze Veggies still sounds pretty fun.

Kamikaze Veggies is a third-person, stealth adventure game that touts a bizarre, but oddly “based on a true story” – erm – story: Red, communist vegetables (so… vegans?) are trying to take over the world, and only you, freedom-loving gamer (and a friend, if you like) can join a squad of vegetable warriors and thwart their dastardly plot!

Here’s the official breakdown of Kamikaze Veggies from Red Limb Studio:

If you like absurd humor and a breath of adventure on your back, then you’ve come to the right place! Complete secret war missions, solve the showy puzzles, and save the veggies world!

The plot is ridiculous, to say the least, but what do veggie-warriors and Tarantino films have in common?

The solution is brutality. The amount of vegetable slaughter in the game is shocking.

The amount of pulp spilled and the screams of dying soldiers send chills up your spine.

“Kamikaze Veggies,” like Tarantino’s productions is intended for an adult audience, despite the lovely, candy art style.

February 15 is the official premiere of the game’s early access version on Steam. Please let me know if you’re interested in the game key in your response.

Key features:

• Single-player mode with an interesting story

• Third-person perspective

• 3D graphic

• Split-screen mode option (co-op for two players – controller required)

• Unique gameplay based on the sacrifice of kamikaze warriors

• Many interesting missions

• Many fascinating characters with different skills

• Beautiful and contrasting art styles with great music

You can check out Kamikaze Veggies on Steam here. And don’t forget to eat some bacon for freedom… and Jesus.

“Excuse me. Are those sandals vegan?”

Shut up! Shaddaaaaaap!

Thanks for reading!

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