“Noel the Mortal Fate” Coming to Xbox on 26 July

Indie game publishers PLAYISM and Vaka Game Magazine recently announced that Noel the Mortal Fate is coming to Xbone, SeXbox and Microsoft Store on 26 July.

Developed by Kanawo, Noel the Mortal Fate has been available on Nintendo Switch and Playstation platforms for a few months now. All of these console versions feature significant updates to the original Steam PC game, including additional content, full HD remastering, upgrades to the UI and presentation, and other game elements.

Originally released in 2016, Noel the Mortal Fate is a biographical adventure game about a crippled young girl out for revenge against the devil that quadruple amputated her.

Here’s the official breakdown of Noel the Mortal Fate from Playism:

This is a story about the revenge of a girl who lost her arms and legs to a devil…

Noel the Mortal Fate is an unorthodox style adventure game where the story progresses through vigorous exploration of the map, conversations with the characters, riveting events, and sometimes even tear-jerking developments similarly found in shonen manga. The player controls Noel to advance the story, but in situations where combat is necessary, the player then controls Caron to protect Noel as the story progresses.


Noel, a young girl with professional pianists for parents, fails to win the grand prize in the piano competition held in the city of Lhaplus, and subsequently misses out on being selected for the honorable position of “memorial ceremony pianist”, sending her into a deep depression. She hears from Mayor Burrows that there were irregularities in the selection process, and under his direction she heads to an abandoned building. There, after summoning the devil Caron and entering into a “contract” to become the “true memorial ceremony pianist”, Noel loses her arms and legs as part of said contract. Almost frozen to death and saved by Caron, Noel is consumed with rage from being used by Burrows and agrees to join forces with Caron to exact her revenge on the conniving mayor. The pair head off to take down Burrows, facing all sorts of dangers and trials along the way.

This remake version of Noel the Mortal Fate includes major upgrades to the UI, presentation, and game elements!

This version of the game has been remade for a console experience, with updated UI, story, dialogue, and full HD remastering.

• Additional content, “Revenger’s Vacation”, is now here for consoles!

• In this remake, players will be able to take part in a new additional story, Season 3.5! The story takes place between Season 3 , the final episode of the “Burrows Arc”, and Season 4, the first episode of the “Jillian Arc”, and describes the situation in Lhaplus City.

• Noel’s days of revenge have taken a toll on her.

• So the sharp-eyed devil Caron grants her a seven-day sabbatical.

• Take the time to heal Noel’s spirit as she dines with Caron in the slums and visits a cat cafe.

• Bringing in the latest song from Jin, “Gyakkoudoumei”, as the theme song!

Noel the Mortal Fate is scheduled to release digitally for Xbox platforms on 26 July. It is available now for Playstation and Nintendo Switch.

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