90s Fossil “Radical Rex” Resurfaces for Modern Consoles

In 1994, a couple of years after words like “radical”, “gnarly” and “tubular” had gone out of vogue, Activision unwisely released an action platformer under the title Radical Rex for Super Nintendo, SEGA Genesis and SEGA CD.

Fast-forward a few decades, and QUByte Interactive and PIKO Interactive have announced that Radical Rex is back – available today (8 September) for Nintendo Switch, PS4, PS5, Xbone, and SeXbox.


Here’s the official breakdown of Radical Rex from QUBYTE, followed by the official trailer:

Radical Rex is a classic adventure platformer game that brings a fire-breathing Tyrannosaurus on a skateboard that has to save his race from the spell of an evil creature.

Rex can ride his skateboard, breath fire and kick the enemies to defeat them, jump, swing on vines and roar to shake everything! He will slam through ten wild levels, like jungles, freaked-out forests, haunted dino-graveyards, piranha-infested underwater caves and even inside a giant dinosaur!

No sweet for Rex – because he’s too Radical to be extinct!

Game Features

10 Levels set in prehistoric age
Fast paced gameplay
Catchy soundtrack
Great enemies and boss fights
16-bit and portable versions

Will the passage of nearly 30 years allow modern gamers to look back at Radical Rex with a quaint sense of irony? Well, it’s available today (8 September) for Nintendo Switch, PS4, PS5, Xbone, and SeXbox.

In all honesty, had Activision originally released the game as Rexx with claw marks making the “X” letters on the logo, sales would have doubled, donchathink?

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