“Car Mechanic Pinball” Coming to Nintendo Switch on 23 September

Polish game developer Sonka will release Car Mechanic Pinball for Nintendo Switch on 23 September (that’s Friday).

Car Mechanic Pinball blends classic arcade pinball gameplay with a modern voxel art aesthetic, all the while introducing some deeper business management mechanics (urrrr!) to enrich the experience.

Here’s the official breakdown of Car Mechanic Pinball from Sonka followed by the latest trailer:

Welcome to Car Mechanic Pinball – repair and pimp up cars for your clients!

The more money you earn by flipping cars, the more you can invest back in your workshop to improve it. All of that nicely packed as an old school arcade pinball game with a voxel look and feel!

Car Mechanic Pinball features include:

  • Fast paced arcade gameplay,
  • Easy to grasp pinball basics with workshop management mechanics,
  • Earn money to improve your workshop for car upgrades,
  • Tons of cars to flip,
  • Hit the mechanics to fix cars,
  • Visit chassis, wheels, body, engine workshops and upgrade relevant car elements,
  • Fuel up and drift around!

Car Mechanic Pinball is scheduled to release on 23 September for Nintendo Switch prices at $4.99… though if Sonka really wanted to create a legit car mechanic experience, they’d charge you $5 at the Switch eShop and then demand another fifty bucks when you actually try to play it, am I right?

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