Alterna Comics’ Fall Preorder Campaign Now Live on Indiegogo

Time to fall into Autumn! (kill me)

On Tuesday, Alterna Comics launched a pre-order crowdfunding campaign for their Fall lineup of books. The campaign is well on its way to being fully funded, having raised nearly $3 thousand at the time of this writing (roughly an hour after the campaign’s launch).

Through the Indiegogo campaign page, you can pick up all six of Alterna’s Fall issues, or simply pick and choose the titles you want. There are also add-on options to pick up previous issues within a series if you want to catch up.

Here’s the full Fall 2022 lineup of available books:

Alterna Comics Single Issues ($1.99 cover price; comics on newsprint):

  • Blood Realm #11 – The Fang Legion tracks the creature to Salvation-1, a mining facility with over 200 workers. Upon entering the station, the team learns of the civilians’ horrifying fate. (Mature)
  • Can’t Kill Cade #3 of 4 – Having no idea of who he is, Cade has awoken to a world that wants him dead. With only a trail of bodies to follow, Cade sets out to find the truth — by any means necessary. (Mature)
  • Downcast #7 – Monstro is in trouble and Domri, god of Salvage, is on the loose! Joanne’s curiosity might just be her undoing. (Teen)
  • Horace H. Hoover #1 of 5 – Our metal-encased hero is shocked to find a hideous horror not far from his home. Soon after, Horace, Slurp and Max attempt to deliver a mysterious idol and are taken through a strange land. (Teen)
  • Red Koi #6 – The exiled king Vooran Cantus (the Swan King) shares a tale of the evil entity that took root in his castle and ultimately drove him onto the Carrion Road: the desolate path connecting empires. (Teen)
  • Wulf & Batsy #6 – “Bizarre Experiments: Part 4” The battle rages to its violent conclusion as the Undead seek their revenge. Wulf and Batsy fight the disgusting Orbo-Pod! (Mature)

In addition to the comics, there are several Alterna items available as perks or add-ons, including an Alterna Comics logo trading card binder, a print set, hats, a Wulf & Batsy t-shirt, patches, a Blood Realm short box, and as we mentioned above, plenty of back issues if you want to catch up.

All physical backers will also receive two new “Alterna Series” trading cards, this time featuring Red Koi’s the Swan King and Mr. Crypt’s Baron Rat.

It is also worth noting that there is an additional shipping charge starting at $5 for backers in the United States. 

Interested? You can check out a sample cover gallery below, or visit the full Alterna Fall 2022 Pre-order Indiegogo campaign page here.

The full Fall lineup

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