Horror Anthology “The Fridge is Red” Now Available on Steam PC

On Tuesday, game publisher tinyBuild released the first-person horror anthology series The Fridge is Red on Steam PC.

Developed by 5WORD Team, The Fridge is Red is described as a “terrifying mystery adventure” inspired by cult classic movies and the horror games of the late 1990s. So much so, in fact, that the game features a low-poly, PlayStation-esque visual aesthetic to match.

Here’s the official breakdown of The Fridge is Red from tinyBuild, followed by the launch trailer:

As a dead-beat father barely getting by, Frank starts fixing home appliances on the side for some extra cash in order to provide for his family. Until one day a mysterious red fridge is dropped off. Beyond repair and with nowhere to dump it, Frank leaves it in his basement… Where it now permeates a foul, ominous aura.

Venture into a world turned upside down, hijacked by the darkest corners of Frank’s mind. Explore the everyday locations in his life now tainted with disturbing creatures. Dodge the undead’s advances scouring different landscapes from abandoned graveyards to a snowy highway. Search for answers to learn the truth about Frank’s family and the cursed red fridge.

Enter a retro horror throw-back paying homage to the low poly stylings of the PlayStation 1. The Fridge is Red highlights an era of clever game design that toyed with the minds of audiences, coupling obscure sound implementation with gruesome imagery to evoke fear. Brave six carefully crafted chapters on a thrilling episodic adventure filled with frights along the way.

The Fridge is Red is available now on Steam PC for $14.99.

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