Throwback Horror FPS “CULTIC” Coming to Steam PC on 13 October

3D Realms recently announced that the first chapter of their horror-themed shooter CULTIC is coming to Steam PC on 13 October. 

Developed by the one-man development house at Jasozz Games (that one man is named Jason Smith), CULTIC features retro-inspired aesthetic combined with modern combat mechanics. Smith promises that CULTIC was designed with open-ended combat and a play-your-way approach. In addition to the game’s main stages, there is also a survival mode akin to Killing Floor and Resident Evil 4’s The Mercenaries. 

Here’s the official breakdown of CULTIC from 3D Realms:

Uncover untold horrors executed by an insidious cult as a disgraced detective determined to close a case. Upon approaching the group’s suspected compound, you’re attacked from the shadows and mortally wounded. Or so it seemed. Awakening in a mass grave, wounds fresh but unbleeding, you’ll rise up to finish what you started.

CULTIC kicks off with Chapter One, and the story will continue in Chapter Two in a future release. Fight your way through cult-controlled territory, including grimy facilities, dark forests, an abandoned mining town, eerie catacombs, and more. Chapter One contains 10 story maps, boss encounters, and new Survival maps.

Employ quick-witted thinking while pushing back against the vicious cultists thirsting for the detective’s demise. Wield powerful, upgradeable mid-century weapons, including the C96, STEN MK. V, a sawed-off coach gun, TNT, and more. Out of bullets? Dash, slide, and improvise with interactive environmental objects. ‘90s-inspired voxels and sprites evoke a pulse-pounding love letter to retro shooters with a touch of modern flair. 

CULTIC Chapter One is scheduled to release on 13 October for Steam PC.

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