Survival Horror Game “Atlas Negro: Infernum” Coming to Steam PC in 2023

You shouldn’t get used to the dark. It’ll change you.

Night Council Studio is solidifying plans to release to their upcoming horror game Atlas Negro: Infernum, which is coming to Steam PC in late 2023.

Inspired by other horror games such as Amnesia, Outlast, and Layers of Fear, Atlas Negro: Infernum is a first-person survival horror game that promises a strong narrative combined with intense psychological terror, all set in the midst of a bleak, apocalyptic world. According to the developers, “The story deals with suffering from a very raw and natural point of view, making it as realistic as painful.”

Here’s the full breakdown of Atlas Negro: Infernum from Night Council Studio:

Have you heard for years that we live in challenging times? Do you also think that the fate of humankind is anything but promising? Tired of the much ado about nothing? You are lucky! We have come to give you a good reason not to leave your bed sheets.

The history of Atlas Negro: Infernum

Out there, the world is falling apart. Massive electrical storms have begun to sweep across the Earth. After each passing, little by little, the streets are filled with ghosts. Scientists and sorcerers of our time have decided to call them “Imprints”. They look like our dead but don’t react to any stimuli. They are entities contemplating the night of the cities.

And the nations are burning.

Your destiny, however, is to escape from a nightmare in which the Voice will be perpetually harassing you. Through your memories, the ruins of civilization, the nether abysses of your soul, and hell itself. It is time to face the questions and the consequences of your actions. You must fight against the captivity you have been subjected to for telling the truth.

Because endless threads hang from your knowledge.

You can’t waste any more time. You must react and find the exit because you are in a labyrinth of crossroads. Outside, the skies crumble. Great forces are consolidating to seize power in the spectral world. They want to use them as instruments of desolation. They want you to tell them how to forge the holy book: the Corona Radiata.

Main features

  • Single-player, first-person survival horror.
  • Psychological horror, stealth, and puzzles are the basis of its gameplay.
  • Strong narrative content: Original story based on the universe created in the horror literary anthology Atlas Negro.
  • The Voice is performed by the popular host of the Spanish podcast Noviembre Nocturno.
  • Original soundtrack.
  • Includes Steam Achievements, so you’ll want to explore every corner…if you dare.

Atlas Negro: Infernum is currently planned to release in late 2023 for Steam PC.

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