Teh Itteh Bitteh Kitteh Wants Blood in “She Wants Me Dead”; Coming This Week To Switch

More bad press for black cats.

Publisher RedDeer.Games recently announced that She Wants Me Dead is coming to the Nintendo Switch on 21 October.

Developed by Hello There Games, She Wants Me Dead has been available on Steam PC since 2016. The game is described as a “side-scrolling, 2D, stupid hard, rhythm-platformer.” Hm… How stupid, I wonder?

Here’s the official breakdown of She Wants Me Dead from RedDeer, followed by the latest trailer:

Be careful how you treat your cat. Max has upset his cat Lula very much. Now she is extremely angry and Max has to jump and run, because if Lula gets him then … she will have no mercy…

Be quick, avoid Lula’s elaborate deadly traps in this extremely challenging platformer, and save Max from his cat’s wrath. Players will get “She Wants Me Dead” on their consoles thanks to RedDeer.Games!

Angering your cat is never a good idea. It’s even worse, if your pet turns out to be a maniacal genius. Help Max escape from his fate and survive this purrfect punishment.


Lula is just an average cat who happens to be a master engineer. Her traps are intricate and require your full focus. Expect no mercy and lots of surprises.


Sink into the world of She Wants Me Dead thanks to the incredible soundtrack. The rhytm is the key to Max’s survival. If you let it lead you, he might see the light of day. This 2D platformer-rhytm game will not make it easy on you.


  • Incredible groovy soundtrack
  • Unique aesthetic
  • 2D platformer
  • Rhythm game
  • Challenging

She Wants Me Dead is scheduled to release on 21 October for Nintendo Switch. It is already available on PC via Steam.

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