Taito’s “Metal Black S-Tribute” Now on Xbox One, Steam PC

Undoubtedly in celebration of “Metal Black History Month”, City Connection has announced that Metal Black S-Tribute is now available on Xbone and Steam. This version of Metal Black is based on the SEGA Saturn version of the game. An arcade port of Metal Black is already available for the PS4 and Nintendo Switch via Hamster’s Arcade Archives series.

This S-Tribute release offers several modern tweaks, including save states, online leader boards, a rewind function, turbo fire (thank you, God), and a level select option available from the beginning of the game.

Here’s the breakdown of Metal Black S-Tribute from City Connection, followed by the official trailer:

Metal Black is a shooting game released in 1991 by TAITO in arcades. This title is a port of the Sega Saturn version released in 1996 with new features.

The player controls Black Fly, an aircraft, to defeat the enemies on its path for the fate of the Earth. The aircraft’s shot gradually gets stronger by collecting little balls called Newalone on the screen. When used, they release a powerful beam, the BEAM ENERGY. If you make one of your shots collide with a boss’s shot, the shot will be blocked and explode. You can make that explosion go bigger and bigger by shooting it with your shots and returning the attack to the boss.

In addition to optional features such as “GAME LEVEL” and “MUSIC TEST” already in the home version, this new version has the S-Tribute’s Quick Save&Load and Rewind functions, a turbo 30 shots/sec function, a stage select function that allows you to start the game from any stage at any level of power-ups, an online ranked mode and more! And don’t forget to check the music out!

Metal Black S-Tribute is now available for Xbone and Steam PC. The arcade version of the game is also available on PS4 and Nintendo Switch as part of Hamster’s Arcade Archives series.

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