“Wild West Dynasty” to Enter Early Access on 16 February; New Trailer Released

“Bluuuuuue shadoooooows on the traaaaaail…”

Publisher Toplitz Productions recently announced that the genre-blending Wild West Dynasty is set to enter Early Access on Steam PC and the Epic Games Store on 16 February.

Developed by Moon Punch Studio, Wild West Dynasty blends elements of open world sandbox, survival, story-driven adventure, roleplaying, city building and resource management, all the while telling “the story of a hero on the brink of survival, eventually bringing life to the Wild West and all the dangers that come with it.”

Here’s the official breakdown of Wild West Dynasty from Toplitz (“Toe”-plitz? “Tah”-plitz? followed by the latest trailer:

With its open world, a deep emotional tale about family, greed and revenge as well as a motivating cocktail of mechanics from city building to roleplaying, Wild West Dynasty gives you the tools to write your own story. You can experience the Wild West during the iconic 19th century however you want to.

The highlights in Early Access:

  • Captivating mixture of open world sandbox, role playing, action-adventure, survival, life simulation, city builder and resource management
  • More than 40 different buildable houses, foundations and facilities: Build the Wild West city of your dreams
  • Extensive customization options
  • Crafting recipes for hundreds of items, furniture, assorted goods and clothes
  • Deep story and dozens of hours of sidequests
  • Beautiful handcrafted open world, inviting you to roam freely and explore two distinctive biomes with lots of beautiful landmarks as well as other points of interest to discover

Wild West Dynasty is currently scheduled to enter Early Access on Steam PC and the Epic Games Store on 16 February.

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