Preorders for “Jet Kave Adventure” Physical Edition Now Open

It’s been a while since caveman games have had a good heyday. Chuck Rock, Joe and Mac, Legendary Axe, erm… Caveman Games

But now, SLG and the developers 7Levels have brought back the caveman-themed side-scroller and taking it to new heights! (kill me), and Strictly Limited Games (the other small-run physical video game publisher) is bringing the game to the Nintendo Switch in physical format later this year.

Released digitally in 2019, Jet Kave Adventure is an action platformer that puts players in the role of Kave, a caveman, who must successfully traverse a wildly historically inaccurate world by strapping on a jetpack and fighting off an alien invasion.

Here’s the official breakdown of from Jet Kave Adventure from the creators, followed by a recent trailer:

Kave used to be chief of his tribe, but was cast out for failing to provide food. But when aliens threaten to erupt a volcano to jumpstart their crashed spaceship, destroying everything in its vicinity, he doesn’t hesitate to try putting a stop to them. Sounds crazy?

To help him on his quest, he can make use of the best of two worlds, primitive stone age tools and spaced-out sci-fi gadgets. What would a caveman be without his trusty club? Exactly. Bash away at dinosaurs, giant fireflies and other critters to your heart’s content. Can’t or don’t want to get close up and personal? No worries, Kave also carries the most advanced ranged weapon technology of his time: the rock. Show those pesky fire breathing lizards who’s boss.

Finally, there’s the jetpack. This is what you are here for after all, isn’t it? Kave picked it up from the crashed alien spaceship, and it allows him unprecedented mobility for a caveman. Hover, fly and boost your way through varied, 2.5D environments ranging from jungles to caves, sandbanks and volcanos. All these tools, as well as your health, can be upgraded with shells at the shaman’s shop. This gives you an edge over your enemies.


  • Crazy mix of distant past meets distant future. You heard of Cowboys vs. Aliens? Well, we have Cavemen vs. Aliens.
  • Fast and fluid 2.5D platform gameplay
  • Upgrade Kaves’ abilities between stages: Hover longer, take more hits, get a bigger club. It’s up to you.
  • Colorful and vibrant Stone Age graphics
  • Hidden collectibles and time trials with online leaderboards for additional replay value
  • In-game trophies! Can you get them all?
  • A caveman with a jetpack!

Strictly Limited Games is currently taking preorders for a limited edition version of Jet Kave Adventure (limited to 3,000 copies) that includes not just a physical copy for the Nintendo Switch, but also a download code for the game’s soundtrack.

You can preorder a physical copy of Jet Kave Adventure via the Strictly Limited website here.

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