Seize the Means of Inspection! “Contraband Police” Coming to Steam in March

“Long live the revolution! I’d better not find porn, comrade…”

Publisher PlayWay has released a new trailer for Contraband Police, a new law enforcement simulator scheduled to release on 8 March for Steam PC.

Developed by Crazy Rocks and set in the 1980s (the greatest decade), Contraband Police puts players in the role of a border guard inspector in a fictional communist country. While you wait for the inevitable collapse of your ill-founded communist economy, you’ll get to pass the time rooting out smuggling, corruption and forgery.

Here’s the official breakdown of Contraband Police from PlayWay, followed by the latest trailer:

The year is 1981, and as a young officer trainee, you are assigned to work at a border post in the mountainous region of Karikatka. Entry into the Acarist People’s Republic is strictly regulated by the party and your every move is monitored! The situation at the border escalates when your comrade is killed during one of the interventions…

Contraband Police, which will premiere on March 8, will take us to the world of the communist state from the 80s. In the game, we will take over the duties of a border guard inspector. What awaits us is smuggling, corruption, forgery, chases and shootings.

Our intelligence regularly provides information about suspicious drivers. Search their vehicles using a UV flashlight and then use the appropriate tools to extract the smuggled goods. No amount of contraband should cross the border!

In some situations you will be forced to use firearms. Your station is a constant target for Oberankov’s gang attacks, and every away mission carries the risk of a clash with the enemy.

Always be ready to intervene in an emergency. Solve crime puzzles, support your comrades and thwart the Blood Fist rebels. Make decisions that will determine the future of Acaristan.

Contraband Police is scheduled to release on 8 March for Steam PC.

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