“The Smile Alchemist” Now on PC, Consoles

John Dee never smiled. Not once. Ever.

On Friday, KEMCO officially released The Smile Alchemist for SeXbox, Xbone, Steam PC, PS5/PS4 (supporting Cross-Buy) and the Nintendo Switch.

Described as a narrative-driven alchemy simulator, The Smile Alchemist puts players in control of a young hero who collects ingredients, fulfills requests, and mixes a variety of alchemical recipes, all with the aim of being the world’s premier alchemist.

Here’s the official breakdown of The Smile Alchemist from KEMCO, followed by a trailer:

In Polta Kolta, a town where humans and beasts live together, the young Nayc becomes an apprentice and is training hard under the famous alchemist. His aim is to become the best alchemist in the world for a promise made with his precious friend, but a matter of great concern is worrying him…

The Smile Alchemist is an alchemist simulator containing the fun elements of character development, collection and above all not to forget alchemy!


  • An entertaining and heart-warming story driven plot
  • Many characters and subquests appearing during the main story
  • Additional side story besides the main route
  • Collection and completion elements throughout the game based on fictional alchemy recipes and synthesis simulation
  • Develop and run your alchemy listing in the shop
  • Funny mini-game to collect materials, and more!

The Smile Alchemist is now for SeXbox, Xbone, Steam PC, PS5 / PS4 and the Nintendo Switch via each platform’s digital storefront.

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