Underwater Adventure “Pronty” Now on Nintendo Switch

“Fewkin’ prawns!”

On Tuesday, Happinet Corporation announced that the underwater “Metroidvania” game (because non-linear, side-scrolling action/adventure game” doesn’t exactly roll off the tongue) Pronty is now available on Nintendo Switch.

Originally released in 2021 for Steam PC, Pronty is being released for the Switch under the Happinet Indie Collection label.

Here’s the official breakdown of Pronty from Happinet, followed by a recent trailer:

Pronty is a 2D action-adventure game set under the ocean.

In the near future, human beings have successfully found a way to live under the sea and hundreds of aquatic cities have transformed the seabed into a new Atlantis. But now, the cities are in danger. Only Pronty along with his weaponised robotic javelin partner, Bront can protect the City of the Deep, Royla and unravel the mysteries that lie within.

Pronty Key features:

  • Unique combat system – Command your weaponized robotic javelin partner, Bront to repel enemies, remove obstacles, and shield Pronty from harm through over 100 levels and 13 epic boss battles.
  • Fight ferocious mutant fish monsters – Encounter over 40 types of sea creatures formed from a ghastly fusion of sea critters and marine debris. While some might look easy to defeat, there’s always a bigger fish…
  • Swappable upgrades for customised combat – Unlock new abilities and upgrades in Pronty’s Memory Board to put together strategies that work for every situation and play style.
  • Challenge yourself in Boss Rush Mode – Replay to your heart’s content in the boss rush mode located in Neptune’s Hall and change the difficulty settings to suit your skill level.
  • Change Pronty’s appearance – Pronty features an exclusive to Switch New Skin, plus there are other costumes to win by defeating set parameters such as clearing Neptune Hall and unlocking a hidden ending…

Pronty is now available on the Nintendo Switch eShop for $14.99/€14.99/£13.99/2.8 Bison Dollars.

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