Pulp Horror Visual Novel “Varney Lake” Coming to PC, Consoles in April

Publisher Chorus Worldwide and developer LCB Game Studio recently announced that Varney Lake, the second installment of the Pixel Pulps Anthology will release on Friday, 28 April for Steam PC, PS4, PS5, Xbone, SeXbox, and Nintendo Switch.

Like its predecessor Mothmen 1966, Varney Lake is a visual novel inspired by mid-20th century pulp fiction and the home computer graphics of the 1980s. The game combines “mysteries and monsters”, this time telling a vampire story set against the backdrop of a 1950s summer vacation.

Here’s the official breakdown of Varney Lake from Chorus Worldwide, followed by the brief release date reveal trailer:

Paranormal investigator Lou Hill can’t stop thinking about a mind-blowing case dating from the Summer of 1954. Help Lou retrace the steps of three kids’ summer vacation from decades ago, and collectively come to the truth behind their supposed encounter with a vampire. But Jimmy, and Christine, now in their 40s, may have murky memories of the time…and what really happened to Doug?

Recall the trio’s story via choice-based gameplay and explore the multiple roads of a branching interactive fiction without friction. Solve accessible, brain-tickling puzzles while learning more about the paranormal investigator himself in a dual-timeline story inspired by books with choices and branching narratives from the past. Decipher details between generations to finally close the book on a case left open for nearly 30 years.

Created by novelist Nico Saraintaris and artist Fernando Martinez Ruppel, Varney Lake follows its predecessor Mothmen 1966 as the second installment of the Pixel Pulps anthology.

Varney Lake is scheduled to release on 28 April via Steam PC, PS4, PS5, Xbone, SeXbox, and Nintendo Switch for $9.99 / €7.99 / £8.49 / 1.7 Bison dollars. In the meantime, you can read our review of Mothmen 1966 here to see if these Pixel Pulps Anthology games are up your alley.

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