Colorful Platformer “Dashing Orange” Coming Soon to Consoles

Smart Ball? Dashing Orange.

On Monday, publisher JanduSoft announced that challenging platformer Dashing Orange is coming to PS4, PS5, Nintendo Switch and Xbone and SeXbox on 30 March (Xbox pre-orders actually start 30 March with a launch on 6 April).

Developed by Nickolas Machado (Light up the Room), Dashing Orange is described as a “colorful adventure” for those who enjoy skill-based 2D games.

Here’s the official breakdown of Dashing Orange from JanduSoft, followed by the latest trailer:

Jump little Orange, Jump!

Dashing Orange is a fast-paced 2D platformer with a focus on precision and fluidity, where you´re in control of a cute little Orange in a journey in this abstract world.

More than 25 new mechanics

Along the way, you´ll master jump, wall-jumping, wall-sliding, dashing and more than 25 new mechanics and traps as you leap from level to level, moving along, up and down the screen to put in your best possible performance in 75 challenging stages.


  • 75 hand-crafted levels to test your skills.
  • Tight controls: Jump over spikes, dash and climb walls.
  • Paint levels with your orange juice by jumping, dashing or, well, dying.
  • New mechanics being introduced every 3 levels.

Dashing Orange is coming on 30 March for PS4, PS5, and Nintendo Switch and 6 April for Xbone and SeXbox.

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