Psychological Horror Game “The Illusion Curse” Coming to Steam PC on 29 March

Edward Norton and Jessica Biel are not (yet) confirmed to be involved with the project.

Raven Games has announced that their upcoming horror game The Illusion Curse is set for release on 29 March for Steam PC .

A follow-up to The Illusion and The Illusion Nightmare, The Illusion Curse is described as an intense psychological horror game where the player is dropped into an “environment designed in every detail to be a real hell.” Neat!

Here’s the official breakdown of The Illusion Curse from Raven Games, followed by a recent trailer:

One day, a man named martin was conducting investigations about a secret cult, he was exposed and arrested by Zorya (the daughter of the sun).

He was imprisoned in the nightmare which is Zorya’s mysterious mansion surrounded with dark energy, ghosts and Illusions.
After he managed to pass Zorya’s tests in the previous chapters, he is going to meet Moria (the moonlight) and he will face a new kind of challenges full of Horror and fear in the cursed mansion.

Martin has to pass a psychological and mental exam to be adopted into the mysterious cult, or to be forgotten in the world of illusions.

But the abandoned mansion is full of ghosts, evil forces and intricate puzzles where he will be punished by Moria for every wrong decision.

The Illusion Curse is scheduled to release on 29 March for Steam PC .

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