Tax-Paying Gate Defense Shooter “Marfusha” Coming to Consoles on 6 April

Why not April 15th?

Playism has announced that Marfusha is coming to Nintendo Switch, PS4, PS5, Xbone and SeXbox on 6 April.

Developed by hinyari9, Marfusha is described as a “high-tempo tax-paying gate defense shooter” and set in a broken, dystopian future where death and taxes truly are the only things that are certain.

Here’s the official breakdown of Marfusha from Playism:

Defense, destruction, and taxes… These are the duties of a proper citizen.

Play as Marfusha, a young girl who guards a border gate and defends it at any cost against relentless oncoming enemies. Experience the harsh pixelated dystopian world in this high-tempo shooting game with simple controls!

Scrounge up as much cash as you can from your heavily-taxed salary to purchase as many cards as you can in order to face increasingly powerful enemies!

Experience multiple endings by recruiting different allies who help you turn the tide. Replay the game over and over to fully reveal the story behind this cruel world.


  • All kinds of cards, including weapons, characters, power-ups, chance events, and more
  • 8 unique characters to fight by your side
  • Score ranking in Challenge Mode to compete with players around the world
  • A new, console-exclusive animated opening

Marfusha is currently scheduled to release on 6 April for Nintendo Switch, PS4, PS5, Xbone and SeXbox.

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