Retro-Inspired 2D Shooter “Terra Flame” Coming to Nintendo Switch on 30 April

Sounds like a “flaming” good time! …wait…

Terarin Games has announced that preorders are now open for Terra Flame on Nintendo Switch.

Terra Flame is a horizontal 2D shoot ‘em up (or simply “shooter”, as the kids called them back when) inspired by classic games of the 90s such as the Thunder Force series and – I don’t know – let’s just say Phalanx to throw a Super Nintendo space shooter in there.

Here’s the official breakdown of Terra Flame from Terarin Games:

Terra Flame is a 90’s style side-scrolling shmup. The feature is that each stage scrolls at high speed and you can switch between 3 types of weapons quickly.

In arcade mode, you will clear eight stages along the story.The mission will be completed when you clear all the stages. There are 3 levels of difficulty.

In caravan mode, compete for high scores on a dedicated stage for only 3 minutes.

Game features:

  • Implemented a system that can switch between three types of weapons in real time.
  • Includes arcade mode and caravan mode.
  • Supports online ranking.
  • Pixel art inspired by the 90’s.
  • Includes chiptunes using FM sound sources.

Terra Flame is planned to release for Nintendo Switch on 30 April. You can preorder the game via the Nintendo Switch eShop now.

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