Grindhouse-Inspired Adventure “Unbroken” Coming to Steam PC

MGP Studios recently announced that their upcoming first-person Roguelite Unbroken is coming to Steam PC in late 2023.

According to MGP, Unbroken “takes the core of Project Downfall and gives it a solid grindhouse Castlevania spin.” While Unbroken is noted to be relatively short, MGP points out that the game is designed with the multiple options and pathways from start to finish, giving the player the possibility of a fresh experience with every journey through the realm of Crests Edge.

Here’s the official breakdown of Unbroken from MGP Studios followed by the latest trailer:

A unique blend of adventure, action and roguelite. Set in the realm of Crests Edge players will have to brave through the hostile lands to reach the ascending Township of Westfall; to find the traitor Nielsen and bring him to justice by any means necessarry.

But the journey will not be for the faint of heart. There will be multiple routes available to achieve your goal, multiple endings, secrets, shortcuts, upgrades, perks and quirks.


  • Take in the sights. An open-ended world form the get go with multiple biomes. Ranging from gloomy swamps, villages, woods, towns and more to the majestic summit of the Township of Westfall.
  • Brutal, in your face combat with the Punch Through system seen in Project Downfall
  • Rouge-lite elements
  • A robust destruction system
  • Roland Redwood is making a comeback and producing some more hypnotising dynamic tracks, specially designed for the game with a jazzpunk vibe.

Unbroken is expected to release in late 2023 on Steam PC. You can add the game to your wishlist now.

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