Point ‘N Click Adventure “Batty Zabella” Now Available on Nintendo Game Boy

Independent video game development studio The Retro Room Games has announced that Batty Zabella, an all-new point-and-click adventure game for the original Nintendo Game Boy.

Blending horror and comedy elements with classic point-and-click gameplay, Batty Zabella follows the exploits of the fetching titular heroine as she solves puzzles, explores the mysterious grounds of her house and saves her family from an infestation of phantoms.

Here’s the official breakdown of Batty Zabella from The Retro Room Games, followed by the latest trailer:

Batty Zabella is a comedy horror point and click adventure game for Game boy! If you are looking for some quirky horror fun, Batty Zabella will quench your taste for nostalgia. Roam around the house grounds solving puzzles and uncover mysteries.

It also marks the debut of a new horror icon; Batty Zabella! Help save her family and rid her home of phantoms. She may give you sass while doing it, but you’ll love it.


  • A comedy horror point-and-click adventure game for Game Boy.
  • Solve puzzles and uncover mysteries.
  • Introduction of a new horror icon, Batty Zabella.
  • Objective of saving Batty Zabella’s family and getting rid of phantoms.
  • Incorporation of humor and nostalgia in the gameplay.
  • Complete package includes game cart, full-color manual, and game box

Batty Zabella is now available at The Retro Room Games’ online store here. The game comes in two versions, cart only ($24.99) or with a retro-inspired box and manual ($44.99).

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