Medieval Action Platformer “Torinto” Coming Soon to Xbox, Playstation and Nintendo Switch

No, not “Toronto”…… friggin’ Autocorrect…

Eastasiasoft has announced that the multiplayer action-platformer Torinto is coming to PS4, PS5, Nintendo Switch, Xbone, and SeXbox on 24 May.

Developed by Leaf Team Games and Ratalaika Games, Torinto is allows one or two players to free the people of their medieval kingdom from an evil wizard.

Here’s the official breakdown of Torinto from Eastasiasoft, followed by a trailer:

Run ‘n’ gun action gets medieval!

When a powerful and sinister wizard named Malzer steals the hearts of the Torinto kingdom’s people, hope remains in the hands of those few heroes whose bonds are strong enough to protect them from the dark sorcery. Together they must turn the tide, defeat Malzer and return the kingdom’s inhabitants to their normal, peaceful existence, but the road ahead will be filled with peril!

TORINTO is a run ‘n’ gun game with a medieval twist. Blades take the place of bullets as the heroes traverse side-scrolling stages, from forests and fields to castle walls, quelling the heartless fiends that now roam the land. Watch for enemy projectiles like axes and hurled boulders, leap across scaffolds and over spiky pitfalls, run headlong into danger and come out victorious. But you don’t have to do it alone! Like many genre classics, TORINTO can be enjoyed solo or with a friend in simultaneous cooperative play!


  • Experience a medieval fantasy twist on the classic run ‘n’ gun genre!
  • Traverse side-scrolling stages with light platforming and frantic combat.
  • Run, jump and throw blades as enemies close in from both sides!
  • Adventure solo or team up with a friend in local co-op.
  • Enjoy detailed pixel art and fluid animations!

Torinto is currently scheduled to release on 24 May for PS4, PS5, Nintendo Switch, Xbone, and SeXbox.

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