Chicken? “Toridama: Brave Challenge” Now Available on Steam PC

“What’s wrong, McFly? Chicken?”

Game publisher G-MODE has officially released the minigame collection Toridama: Brave Challenge for Steam PC.

Toridama puts one or two players in several mini-games designed to test their own nerves via “chicken”-style challenges, each featuring simplified mechanics and control schemes.

Here is the official breakdown of Toridama from G-MODE, followed by a recent trailer:

Toridama: Brave Challenge is mini-game collection based on the courage test.

It contains 19 mini-games in total. “Stop a car driving at high speed, just before the cliff.” “Grab the rope and stop the huge rock from falling on top of you.” “Pour a glass of juice to the very last drop.” “Open the parachute just before the ground and land well.” You can play 19 kinds of mini-games to test your courage in various situations.

Test your weak feeling inside of you as we say “Chicken Level” based on the timing of pressing a button, level, and pitch in various kinds of critical situations.

You can enjoy heated brave battles! The “Two-Player Mode” is available! You can play mini-games together while looking at each other’s screen to measure your “Chicken Level” and compete with each other.

Enjoy the battle to see who is the “Chicken”.

Aim for the top of the world! Crazy Mode! “Crazy Mode” appears when all mini-games are opened and corresponds to the global ranking. In this game mode, you will be on the edge of the world, and you will have to keep on getting the highest rating of “CRAZY”. See for yourself how far your guts will take you against the best from around the world.

Compatible with Steam’s “REMOTE PLAY TOGETHER” feature! Supports the “Remote Play Together” feature to share local multiplayer games with friends!

With the “Remote Play Together” feature, one player only needs to install and run the game to play together with distant friends via the Internet.

Toridama: Brave Challenge is now available for Nintendo Switch and Steam PC.

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