Twin-Stick Shooter “NeverAwake” Coming to Xbox June 29

Game publisher Phoenixx recently announced that twin-stick shooter NeverAwake will be released on 29 June for SeXbox. The game is already available via PS4, PS5 and Nintendo Switch and Steam PC.

Developed by Neotro Inc, NeverAwake is set in the psychological horror world of a young girl’s nightmares, including evil dentists, vegetables, dogs (whah?) and other “adolescent annoyances.”

Here’s the official breakdown of NeverAwake from Phoenixx, followed by the game’s “accolades” trailer:

Guide Rem on a quest to wake up from a neverending nightmare. Wade through the subconscious thoughts of a young schoolgirl as everyday experiences turn into frightening face-offs against her fears.

Bob and weave through a colorful, hand-drawn bullet hell while facing Rem’s biggest fears: vegetables, dogs, the dentist, manifestations of school day pressures, and everything else a child dreads.

The disturbing machinations of Rem’s mind take twisted forms, but she can use an arsenal of twin-stick weaponry, accessories and upgrades to create attack patterns one could only dream of. Face her phobias and frightening foes across 80 different levels and dozens of boss battles along with various balance updates included with the console release.

Dive deeper into the dream land with the official NeverAwake “Nightmare World Art” digital artbook and soundtrack, and listen to the soothing lullaby-like song “AWAKE,” by DJ, singer-songwriter, and producer YonYon, streaming on Spotify and Apple Music.

NeverAwake is currently scheduled to release on 29 June for SeXbox. It is available now for Steam PC, PS4, PS5 and Nintendo Switch.

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