2D Horror Adventure “Chloe’s Requiem -encore-” Coming to Steam PC in June

Publisher Annulus recently announced that 2D horror adventure game Chloe’s Requiem -encore- is coming to Steam PC on 20 June.*

Developed by buriki clock, -encore- is an updated re-release of Chloe’s Requiem which was originally released in 2013. This new version includes upgraded sound and visuals, as well as the additional side story -con amore-.

Here’s the full breakdown of Chloe’s Requiem -encore-, followed by the announcement trailer:

Chloé’s Requiem is a Japanese 2D adventure game, filled with mysteries and surprises. The young creator, in her teens, created the original game, inspired by free game titles such as The Witch’s House and Ao Oni.

From the original release in 2013, the graphics and sounds have all been completely revamped, allowing all players, new and returning, to have a fresh experience with the game.

In Chloé’s Requiem -encore-, the side story -con amore- is also included, which can be played after the player finishes the original story. Players who have played the game in the past can enjoy the updated art and graphics.

We are all looking forward to your arrival.


  • Interactions between Michél the violinist and Chloé the pianist can be enjoyed with beautiful character illustrations.
  • To break the multiple “curses” in the mansion, the player may need to hold items in both hands. There may be “curses” that require musical knowledge, making music one of the central themes of the game.
  • The world is set in 19th century Europe, with aesthetics and interiors reflecting the era.

Chloe’s Requiem -encore- is currently scheduled to release on 20 June for Steam PC.

*Source: Niche Gamer

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