Fight Zombies for Love in “Last Whisper Survival”; Coming Soon to Consoles, PC

Wuvvv… twue wuv… NGGGGYAAAH!

Publisher RockGame has announced Last Whisper Survival, a new open world multiplayer game set in a dystopian, zombie-infested future.

Developed by MxzGaming, Last Whisper is taking a different approach with the post-apocalyptic survival genre… erm, sub-genre? According to developer Maxime Lebel: “Through Last Whisper Survival, I aim to portray the power of love and its ability to uplift individuals during challenging times. I wish for everyone who has experienced hardships to find the love and support they need, whether it be from friends or family. This game serves as a reminder that with the right support, anyone can find the strength to stand up and fight their way back up.”

You will naturally still be able to shoot zombies in the face, too. You know… for love.

Here’s the official breakdown of Last Whisper Survival from RockGame, followed by the announcement trailer:

Industries are attempting to control humanity through the use of microchips implanted in people’s brains, forcing them to lead a life of slavery under a strict routine of work, sleep, and repeat. However, some individuals rebel against their oppressors, sparking a war against the ruling elite who control the world in secret.

In 2201, the top 1% of society, who were losing the war, spread a virus as a last resort to try and contain the rebellion. This virus quickly got out of their control, turning humanity into mutants and zombies. A few have survived in bunkers or sewers, but now, after 30 years of living underground, it is time to reclaim their rights and take back the surface world.

Fight With Zombies Alone Or With Friends

Jump into the world of Last Whisper and fight the zombie hordes alone or with up to 8 friends. You can explore a dangerous post-apocalyptic world together.
Team up with your friends to defeat zombies, discover great new locations, and fight powerful bosses.

The Post-apocalyptic World Is Open to You!

You start alone with nothing but quickly find your way in this treacherous and dangerous world. Explore fantastic places like a huge city or a vast desert. You have to watch out for severe weather conditions and temperatures. Remember that around every corner, tree, and abandoned car there are bloodthirsty zombies that will make your adventure more difficult. Fortunately, you will also be able to travel this vast world in a car, and zombies can end up under your wheels.

Explore Mysterious Bunkers and Defeat Bosses!

In the alleys of the big city, among the trees, and hidden among the hot sand of the desert, forgotten bunkers are waiting for you! Visiting them is dangerous but very profitable. Get ready and craft the best weapons possible because the fight will be hard and intense! The prize awaits only the best!

Craft Items and Build A Base!

Difficult conditions require exceptional solutions! Last Whisper will put your survival skills to the test many times! The items that you can craft during your journey will be useful, and the place that you will adapt as your base will be a safe haven! Gather resources and craft necessary items and equipment! Everything you find may be necessary, so manage the space in your backpack rationally.

Obtain Legendary Loot with special skin!

You can get weapons of one of the four tiers! To explore more dangerous biomes, you need to find more powerful weapons. The rarest are waiting for you in the bunkers and are protected by hordes of zombies and a powerful boss. Acquiring a powerful weapon will allow you to explore the next biomes.

Last Whisper Survival is coming soon to PS4, PS5, SeXbox, Xbone, and Steam PC.

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