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Crowdfunding Review: “ASYL” (Secret Comics, Monochrome May Special)

Welcome back to Monochrome May, The Splintering’s month-long celebration of everything black, white, and gray in between! Today we’ll be reviewing the crowdfunded vampire horror comic book ASYL by Secret Comics.  For those of you not familiar with the “crowdfunding review” format, we grade a crowdfunding campaign on four distinct categories: Book Content and Quality Communication and Fulfillment Packaging and

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Unboxing Secret Comics’ “ASYL” by Nasser Rabadi and Vic King

Today, I’m unboxing Secret Comics’ ASYL by Nasser Rabadi, Vic King and Billy Bacsko. I backed the most basic tier via Indiegogo in late 2020. From what I recall from the campaign, the story can fundamentally be described as “Dracula in an insane asylum.” As always, my cats insist on watching everything I do… This is the third book I’ve

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