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Top Ten Living Legends – Comic Book Artists

Lists are fun, aren’t they?  They allow contributors and readers alike to share their experiences and opinions. They are nostalgic, and informative.  Here at The Splintering, we’ve decided to open the doors for some “Top Ten” lists, both to give our contributors a chance to share their voices and to allow our readers to do the same.  So please, review

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Vintage Comic Review: “Batman: Death of Innocents” (DC Comics; In Memory of Dennis O’Neil)

Given the recent passing of comic book legend Dennis O’Neil, we’re going to take the opportunity to review some of his work, starting with Batman: Death of Innocents – the Horror of Landmines. Written by O’Neil, illustrated by Joe Staton and inked by Bill Sienkiewicz, Batman: Death of Innocents is a 49-page one-shot published by DC Comics in 1996. The

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