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Mike S. Miller’s triple-comic Indiegogo campaign ends successfully; still available in-demand

Over the weekend, the Indiegogo campaign for comic book writer/artist Mike S. Miller’s The Meg, SixGun Samurai and Deal with the Devil ended successfully, raising 170% of its original goal totaling nearly $35k.* The campaign itself was created to fund the printing of three very different graphic novels totaling over 400 pages of story. That’s a girthy stack of sequential

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Mike S. Miller’s “Lonestar” comic crushes funding goal

This weekend, the crowdfunding campaign for Mike S. Miller’s Lonestar: Heart of the Hero ended after raising nearly $72 thousand. That’s roughly 477% of its original funding goal. Mike S. Miller is a 26-year veteran of the comics industry, having worked most recently as the artist in the Injustice video game tie-in books for DC Comics. Miller intends to use Lonestar

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