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Dat Ass! 11 of Gaming’s Most Remarkable Rear Ends

The gluteus maximus is the largest muscle in the body, and it’s high time that this sinewy mass gets the respect it deserves. While many are worth celebrating, here are eleven of our picks for the most remarkable posteriors in the world of gaming. Cammy – Street Fighter seriesStreet Fighter‘s Cammy was one of the first video game hotties to

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New York Times spoils Batman’s wedding issue, and comic shop owners are pissed! (spoilers)

DC Comics may have just outdone Marvel in how not to market their comic books. On Sunday, the New York Times ran an article covering Batman 50, otherwise known as “the wedding issue.” Batman 50 is the culmination of months of hype and build-up to the wedding of Batman & Catwoman, and is scheduled to arrive in comic stores on

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Batman writer reveals images of new Catwoman costume

On Monday, Batman writer Tom King shared some new artwork by Joelle Jones showcasing Catwoman’s new costume design. This new costume will officially arrive on comic pages in July after the big Batman/Catwoman wedding event. What do you think of her new getup? Thanks for reading! Please consider following The Splintering on social media or bookmarking the site for more

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