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Review: “Cotton 100%” (Nintendo Switch)

ININ Games has been on quite a roll while celebrating the 30th anniversary of the Cotton franchise. Originally created in 1991 for the Sharp X68000 computer (X68K), the first Cotton game helped to popularize the “cute-em-up” sub-genre of the 2D, side-scrolling shooter. The series would spawn several sequels, including a 1994 release for the Super Famicom (aka the Super Nintendo)

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More “Cotton” Games Confirmed for Western Release to Celebrate 30th Anniversary

To celebrate 30 years (!) of the Cotton franchise, ININ Games recently announced that Cotton 100%, Panorama Cotton, and Cotton Guardian Force Saturn Tribute will be getting western releases soon. Specific platforms and a release date have not yet been confirmed. However, at least Nintendo Switch and PS4 are extremely likely, and the games will have to be released before

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