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Review: “Cotton Reboot!” (PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch)

In the era between arcade classics like Defender and “bullet hell” shoot-em-ups like Ikaruga, the 2D shooter genre really hit its stride. The greatest titles of the 80s and 90s featured a mishmash of several genres, including sci-fi space shooters (R-Type, Thunder Force), fantasy (Wings of Wor, Lords of Thunder), and even underwater warfare (In the Hunt). However, one of

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“Cotton Reboot!” Releasing 20 July for Nintendo Switch, PS4

On Thursday, ININ Games announced that Cotton Reboot! will be released both digitally and physically on the PS4 and Nintendo Switch on 20 July in Europe, North America and Australasia (It’s been available in Japan since February). Developed by BEEP, Cotton Reboot! is a reimagining of the 2-D shoot-em-up originally released in arcades and later on the TurboGraphx CD and

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