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“Graveyard Shift” creator Jon Malin defends fellow comic artist Rob Liefeld from detractors

Rob Liefeld is responsible for creating some of Marvel’s most enduring comic book characters from the 1990s. Deadpool, Cable, the X-Force- all of these were born of Liefeld’s brain, after which he went on to become one of the founding fathers of Image Comics. However, that hasn’t stopped Liefeld’s detractors from criticizing his work (including the often-parroted “Rob Liefeld can’t

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Rob Liefeld turned away by DC Comics because of “agendas”

Rob Liefeld’s latest book Major X has been quite a shot in the arm for the comic book industry. Issue 3 of Major X just hit comic store shelves, and like the issues before it, it’s frequently selling out and destined for a second printing. With the direct market struggling, comic book stores closing, and comic industry reports tagging in

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