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Irene Strychalski’s “Fiendish 2” Crosses the $100k Threshold

Overnight, the crowdfunding campaign for the fantasy horror comic book Fiendish 2: Origins crossed the blessed “six figures” threshold, raising more than $100 thousand. This not only marks a significant sum raised in the campaign’s first 96 hours, but it’s also the very first six-figure campaign by Fiendish creator Irene “Renie” Strychalski. Strychalski marked the occasion with a celebratory livestream

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Irene Strychalski’s “Fiendish 2: Origins” Raises Nearly $100k During Launch Weekend

Over the weekend, veteran comic book creator Irene “Renie” Strychalski launched a crowdfunding campaign for Fiendish 2: Origins, a 70+ page fantasy horror graphic novel. The project is already well beyond fully funded, having raised nearly $100k at the time of this writing. Written and illustrated by Strychalski, Fiendish 2 builds on the story introduced in Fiendish: Demons, expanding on

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