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Review: “G Darius HD” (PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch)

Taito’s original Darius game landed in arcades in 1987, making the series one of the oldest space shoot ’em up series out there. The game’s contemporaries include the likes of R-Type and Gradius, both of which seem to have more name recognition than Darius ever did. Is that because Gradius and R-Type received solid ports to 8-bit consoles of the

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Battle Robot Space Fish in “G-Darius HD”, Coming Soon for Switch, PS4

Taito and ININ Games have partnered up to release G-Darius HD, a remastered port of 1997’s arcade title… G-Darius. Developed by M2, G-Darius HD will be available physically and digitally for Nintendo Switch and PS4 later in 2021 (that’s for both North American and European territories). While the Darius shoot ‘em up series dates back to the mid-80s (or as

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