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Comic creator Gilbert Deltrez reacts to the last-minute rally of his “Galactic Rodents of Mayhem” Indiegogo campaign

Over the weekend, the crowdfunding campaign for Headshot Comics’ Galactic Rodents of Mayhem ended successfully, rallying in the final hours to cross the $20 thousand threshold.* It was a dramatic last minute roller coaster ride for those watching (for me, at least), but that last-day uncertainty never shook GROM creator, Gilbert Deltrez. We got the chance to ask Deltrez a

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Headshot Comics’ “Galactic Rodents of Mayhem” are heavily-armed Capybaras in space

On Monday, independent comic book creator and Headshot Comics founder Gilbert Deltrez (Lair, Pistolera) launched his latest project via Indiegogo: Galactic Rodents of Mayhem.* Written by Deltrez and illustrated by Sebastian Navas, GROM is a girthy 110-page graphic novel inspired by old school sci-fi franchises such as Star Wars and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. Here’s the sales pitch straight from

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