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Review: “Gleylancer” (Nintendo Switch, Xbox, PS4)

Retro shoot ’em up aficionados have plenty to celebrate of late, given the increasing number of re-releases and collections of classic shooters recently landing on pc and consoles. The latest of these is Gleylancer (not Gley Lancer, ya’ dummy-dums!), a sci-fi horizontal shooter originally developed by Masaya and released for the SEGA Mega Drive in 1992 exclusively in Japan.* Now,

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90s Space Shooter “Gleylancer” Coming to Consoles on 15 October

On Wednesday, publisher Ratalaika Games announced that the horizontal scrolling, 2D shooter Gleylancer will be available on 15 October for PS4, Xbox and Nintendo Switch via each platform’s digital storefront. (Sorry, PC master race die-hards) Originally released in 1992 for the SEGA Mega Drive as a Japan-only exclusive, Gleylancer was also re-released via Nintendo’s now defunct Wii Virtual Console in

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