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Braincage’s Sci-Fi Adventure Book “Gun Demon” Now on Indiegogo

After a several month delay, independent comic book creator Gregory LeVitre launched a crowdfunding campaign for Gun Demon: Devil’s Overture #1, a 38-page sci-fi superhero book. Written by LeVitre and featuring pencils by John Howard, inks and lettering by Chis Wendha, and colors by Paul Bilick, Gun Demon is intended to be the foundation for a shared Braincage universe. Here’s

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Greg LeVitre’s “Gun Demon: Devil’s Overture” Coming Soon to Indiegogo

Don’t call it “Ghost Gun” Independent comic book creator Greg LeVitre is prepping a crowdfunding campaign for Gun Demon: Devil’s Overture, a 48-page comic book that blends elements of supernatural horror with superheroes. Here’s the official plot synopsis taken from the Gun Demon Indiegogo campaign page: Born in the spawning pools of planet Hell, flesh torn and shredded in Boss

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