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Review: “Samurai Riot” (Nintendo Switch)

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Konichiwa, bitches. Today we’re going to take a look at Samurai Riot, an co-op, arcade-style brawler developed by Wako Factory and published by Hound Picked Games. Enough setup! Ikso! (いくそ!) Samurai Riot takes place in a time of political unrest. You play as one of two warriors loyal to the master: the Tsurumaru (つるまる) the samurai and Sukane (すかね) the kunoichi (くのいち). Sorry readers,

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Fossil Games’ Retro-Inspired Horror Title “Sunshine Manor” Coming to Steam on 28 October, Consoles in 2022

Publisher Hound Picked Games recently announced that 80s horror film-inspired Sunshine Manor is coming to Steam on 28 October, with console ports (Xbox, PlayStation and Nintendo Switch) to follow sometime in 2022. Developed by the two-person, indie game development team of Fossil Games, Sunshine Manor follows Camp Sunshine as the second game in Fossil’s so-called Sunshine Universe trilogy. Here’s the

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