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Retro Puzzler “Roniu’s Tale” Now Available for NES

Over the weekend, homebrew game publisher Mega Cat Studios announced that an all-new retro-styled puzzle game Roniu’s Tale is now available for the original Nintendo Entertainment System. Developed by Kunjee Studio, Roniu’s Tale is inspired by adventure/puzzlers of the 1980s such as Solomon’s Key and The Adventures of Lolo. Here’s the official breakdown of Roniu’s Tale from Mega Cat Studios:

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“Get outta my coffee shop!” Retro brawler Coffee Crisis now available

An alien race known as the Smurglians have invaded Earth, and they’re intent on loitering in our coffee shops, using the free WiFi, asking to use the bathroom, and refusing to leave when asked to do so! Well, two coffee shop baristas from Pittsburgh aren’t waiting for authorities to deal with this Smurglian menace – they’re taking control of the

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