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Review: “Taito Milestones” (Nintendo Switch)

No Arkanoid, no Bubble Bobble, no Space Invaders, no Darius… How does one create a Taito Milestones arcade collection without those games? While some are available on other collections, it’s very strange to have a collection of classic, 1980s Taito arcade games without them (Fully acknowledging that the original Space Invaders was released in the 70s).  Instead, Taito Milestones (published

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Retro Puzzler “QIX” Now Available on Nintendo Switch, PS4 via the Arcade Archives

Game publisher Hamster has announced that retro puzzler QIX is now available on PS4 and Nintendo Switch as part of the digital Arcade Archives series. Originally developed by Taito America and released in arcades in 1981, QIX was ported to several platforms in the 80s and 90s, perhaps most famously for the Nintendo Game Boy. This Arcade Archives release is

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“Taito Milestones” Collection Coming Soon to Nintendo Switch

Publisher ININ Games has announced that the Taito Milestones collection is coming soon to Nintendo Switch. Taito Milestones includes ten classic games from the golden age of arcades: the 80s (the best decade, after all). Here’s the official breakdown of Taito Milestones from ININ Games, followed by the list of games included (so far): Replay the classics with which it

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