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Game Review: “Avenging Spirit” (Nintendo Switch)

Upon first hearing about Avenging Spirit, I immediately thought of an old GameCube game called Geist. Ever play that one? Well, the gist is, you play as a ghost who possesses enemies and then uses their individual abilities to progress. Definitely a similar concept to Avenging Spirit, but after playing through it, I am more reminded of the old SEGA Genesis game, Kid Chameleon.

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Genre-Bending Visual Novel “Long Live the Queen” Coming to Consoles on 12 July

Publisher Ratalaika Games recently recently announced that Long Live the Queen will be coming to Nintendo Switch, PS4, PS5, Xbone and SeXbox on 12 July. Developed by Hanako Games, Long Live the Queen is described as an “eye catching visual novel” that blends elements of RPG, strategy and simulation into the standard visual novel mechanics. Here’s the official breakdown of

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