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Australia banned 4 games in August, and you probably didn’t even notice

Australia sure is taking its history as a prison colony seriously, as those in charge simply can’t trust their adult population with video games featuring sex, violence or drug use. Even after introducing an R18+ rating in 2013, Australia has still banned a significant number of video games, and the Aussie ban hammer has been very busy as of late..

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Shirrako’s YouTube channel banned, restored after Vice attacks his “Red Dead Redemption 2” video

On Wednesday, prominent gaming YouTuber “Shirrako” had his channel completely shut down after posting a video clip of Red Dead Redemption 2 depicting the protagonist punching, incapacitating and ultimately killing a non-playable background character in the game. These types of gameplay interactions should be no surprise to those familiar with Red Dead Redemption 2 – and most other games by

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